McDroid: The Sentimental Rover – Review

The Evil Within – Cinematic Lies

3 Most Underrated Music Videos on Youtube

McDroid: The Sentimental Rover – Review

McDroid is simply delightful! Blending old rock music, cell shaded graphics, kwerky humour and fresh take on old tower defence mechanics; it’s a gem of a game many can enjoy.…

The Evil Within – Cinematic Lies

Is this a sick joke on PC gamers? The game looks and performs horribly. It’s just terribly given it uses the same Engine as Wolfenstein: TNO. The idTech 5 engine…

3 Most Underrated Music Videos on Youtube

Youtube is a vast and magical land where amazing things can cross your gaze. However the problem is that there are so many great things, that many awesome videos never…


Does Nintendo Hate Samus Aran?

Does Nintendo hate Samus?

Well? In a way, it kinda looks like that, doesn’t it? No? Okay, hear me out: First, let’s look at Samus’s own games, the Metroid series. The first game was trail-blazing, ground-breaking, trend-setting (ever heard the term “metroidvania”?), ahead of its time in 1986, all that good stuff. However, the sequel, Metroid II: Return of…

Welcome to the New World

Mama-mia, my pepperoni meeting is-a about to-a start

Back in 1999, something wonderfully tragic happened.  Star Wars: The Phantom Menace hit theaters and since, has become one of the biggest jokes in cinematic history.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie that was so polarizing that it is almost unanimously hated by its own fans, leaving them with nothing but uncertainty and…

You Should Be Watching: Black Mirror

black mirror

Black Mirror is a British show that began airing on Channel 4 on December 4th, 2011. Created by Charlie Booker, it’s a sci-fi anthology series that features the many ways that we as humans interact with technology, and the way it affects our lives. According to the creator, he wanted to explore “if technology is…

Attack of the Fandom – Crash Bandicoot: Crystal’s Wrath

Crash Bandicoot: Crystal's Wrath

We’ve all had that sensation. That wistful remembrance of when we played a game, watched a movie, or ate an apple for the first time. That longing to experience it all over again as if it were brand new, or, more importantly, see its continuation into the far future. Sadly, it quite often happens that…

1st Episode Reviews: RWBY – Can You Feel the Love?


As I said before, the aim of these things is to be more than a first impressions but not quite a full on in-depth review. That was made a tad more difficult when reviewing RWBY for two reasons. Firstly RWBY was originally a web series with only a few minutes to an episode. I watched…


Styx: Master of Shadows – Review

styx 2

It’s a phenomenal stealth game, blending mechanics of the original Thief games, and aspects of the Hitman series. The game oozes quality, from the detailed graphics( despite using Unreal 3 ), and mixes in some very atmospheric music, and sounds. It makes you want to play more, and you definitely need to take your time…

2 Girls 1 Let’s Play – Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond Two Souls thumbnail template

A complete Let’s Play of Beyond: Two Souls with Mari and Stacy. Beyond: Two souls is a game by Quantic Dream and David Cage, who also made Heavy Rain. There are a lot of improvements from Heavy Rain in Beyond: Two Souls. The story writing and acting are much improved, with actors like Ellen Page…

Let’s Play Saints Row IV!!!

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 2.46.21 PM

Stacy and Mari are at it again with Saints Row IV. It’s amazing and awesome and we can’t handle it. AND WE DON’T WANT TO MISSS AAAA THHHHAAAANNNNNNGGG!!!! Check out the videos and be prepared for more in the future. Email Stacy: Email mari: Part 1:   Part 2:   Part 3:

Saints Row IV (4) Romance Scenes.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 2.31.12 PM

All the crew members on the ship have a romance option, like the Mass Effect series. Hilarity ensues. Part 1: Keith David and Kinzie Part 2: CID and Matt Miller Part 3: Shaundi and Pierce Part 4: Asha and Ben King Part 5: Johnny Gat