Web Weekly: Cool Stuff on the Web 3/16/14

Here we go! A round of of all the cool shit I stumbled across on the internet this week. Stuff that doesn’t fit into the gaming or tech news. Just fun stuff to enjoy and look at.


Capcom Style Disney Princesses 

#Mike V Design has put together some really cool pixel art of the Disney Princesses in the style of old Capcom fighting games. This could have been inspired by the recent reddit thread, asking which disney princess would win in a battle to the death.

cinderellaNala Lion KingSnow Whiteariel

You can find all of the Disney Princess fighter designs at #MikeVDesign’s wesbite. It’s too bad that Mulan was not included in this list, she seems to be the best candidate for the next Capcom Moba: Super Princess Fighter. 


Garret Without a Hood

Here are some great fan concept arts of what Garret, from the 2014 Thief installment, would look like without his hood. I’m loving all the different hair style possibilities. Even the more “modern” partially shaved one, despite it not making canonical sense. Can’t a girl dream?


tumblr_n1ubkohxr81s722ymo1_1280 tumblr_n1ubkohxr81s722ymo2_1280


These wonderful pieces of imagination were created by a wonderful young lady, Adrianna, here is a link to her blog.


Teenage Mutant Hardcore Turtles


I know this video is actually pretty old, it was posted in 2007. However after all this time it still only has about a million views, and I just now discovered it, so I’m going to share this with you anyway. This is my article I’ll do what I want.




A Little Love for Samara

There are a few Mass Effect fans who have dedicated their Shepard to loving Samara, as hard as it is to finally gain her love back. For those who waited patiently for Samara to finally give you the affection you desperately wanted, here is a newly released video by dmli1023 for all those who need a little more Samara in their life. There are two separate versions for Femshep and Maleshep.




A sweet goodbye for those who waiting so long.

Written by Mari


Mari is a short and stout thing that loves video games, movies, some tv shows, and casually encounters anime and comics. She created this website because she wanted a place for people to express their passion for all things geeky.

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