Youtuber Asks for Review Copy of Game, Gets Dick Pic in Return.

Growing Youtuber, itsALICEduh, contacted an unnamed video game developer for a review copy of their game. What he got in return was less than desired.

Mad respect goes to Alice for both standing up for himself, and allowing the company to deal with the inappropriate employee privately. It is important to keep these issues in the public eye, but the whole company should not be blamed for the poor choices of one employee.

Alice has also tweeted some updates to the issue, assuring that the company is acting responsibly about the situation. LINK

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 2.56.24 PM


A bad thing happened and everyone surrounding it acted maturely and with respect. Yay for video game culture!

Written by Mari


Mari is a short and stout thing that loves video games, movies, some tv shows, and casually encounters anime and comics. She created this website because she wanted a place for people to express their passion for all things geeky.

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