Magic: The Gathering, Creating beauty from amongst the chaos

Anyone that is familiar with Magic: The Gathering is very well aware that it is a rather old game with A LOT of cards in it. Wizard of Coasts’ system of a steady output of cards within a set time frame is one of the reasons it has managed to stand the test of time as well as it has (Wikipedia says 12 million players as of 2011). With consistent updates of everything from adding new abilities into the game, to beautiful new art designs for cards, to the added new lore that the truly deep fans can keep up with. All of this has helped keep the game feeling fresh and new with every new set that comes out.  More importantly though, with the constant new abilities coming being added, it has made MTG one of the best games ever for trying to create something amazing within the chaos of it all. 

For all of you out there who are a mixture of a Timmy and Johnny, you are the ones who will most appreciate what I am saying here. We don’t go for the gimmicky win like using Exquisite Blood and Sanguine Bond. We also aren’t the biggest fans of using deck lists in order to build new decks to try out. At the end of the day really we aren’t even all the concerned with winning. We just want to have the most interesting deck. Our decks have to be based on a ridiculous idea that must be played in a ridiculous way and the more eye rolls and long sighs we get for it the better. The more confused everyone is about what is happening the more fun we are having.

My own current favorite decks are a red burn deck that burns everybody just for being a part of the game. A deck that revolves around everything in it being indestructible and World Slayer. An enchantment deck where I just very slowly do my best to lock everyone out. Now I am working on a deck where the entire point is to mill out my opponent by giving him infinite turns, but not having the ability to do anything with them. Even though a lot of my ideas never come to fruition I still enjoy it. The feeling of creating something, even just a deck for a card game, is an amazing feeling that everyone should experience.

Well I hope whoever is reading this did not find it too cringe worthy to get through. As my first jump into writing something that may actually be read I found it quite terrifying. So if you have questions, comments, or concerns please leave them in the comments section below. Also if you are a magic player I would love to hear about any ridiculous decks that you have played or seen.

Written by Terpintime21

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