3 Most Underrated Music Videos on Youtube

Youtube is a vast and magical land where amazing things can cross your gaze. However the problem is that there are so many great things, that many awesome videos never get noticed. There are insanely great music videos that are simply not getting the attention they deserve, and I am here to fix that.

1.) Sidera Final- from the movie “Lou ! Journal Infime”

Sitting at only about 7,000 views right now, it is a disgrace to see this video unnoticed. The retro 80s style animation that is set in space is perfectly synced to the music. Stunning grand scale visuals leave you in awe, and slightly confused as to what is actually happening.

2.) Perturbator – “She Is Young, She Is Beautiful … ” [Music Video – Official]

A woman starts her journey down a post apocalyptic road in a totally sweet ride while wearing radical sunglasses. There is also a panther in a graveyard and some pentagrams. Animated in a 32 bit art style, this video reminds you of the complexity of what a limited palette can give you.


The greatest fantasy music video of all time. I might say even the greatest music video of all time. It’s got adventure, dragons, sexy babes, babes in cool armor, a hot pirate, some lady in a Princess Leia Slave costume, and an extremely complicated back story told off screen. It’s great, and if you don’t like it you’re a monster.

Written by Mari


Mari is a short and stout thing that loves video games, movies, some tv shows, and casually encounters anime and comics. She created this website because she wanted a place for people to express their passion for all things geeky.

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