Attack of the Fandom – Crash Bandicoot: Crystal’s Wrath

We’ve all had that sensation. That wistful remembrance of when we played a game, watched a movie, or ate an apple for the first time. That longing to experience it all over again as if it were brand new, or, more importantly, see its continuation into the far future. Sadly, it quite often happens that the show/game/comic/fruit we once loved has since been abandoned, with little to no hope of being revived. However, some of the more loyal fans merely take that fact as a challenge, creating impressive successors to intellectual properties long since forgotten by the higher ups in the entertainment industry. In this series, Attack of the Fandom, I’ll be covering the fan projects around the web that showcase the tenacity and burning youth of said creators.

First up is a project related to a series I hold dear to my heart; Crash Bandicoot: Crystal’s Wrath.

Crash Bandicoot: Crystal's Wrath

Originally started as a fun side project by two friends in 2013, Crystal’s Wrath has slowly taken shape over the last two years. Early on the duo, JB and Pat, already had a promising video showcasing their progress. Crash’s model was nostalgic of the original Naughty Dog games, the level on display showed potential, and they seemed to be serious about development (well, sort of). Best of all, the duo seemed to actually be enjoying themselves. However, with few video updates to follow, it became anyone’s guess when/if the game would see the light of day. And trust me, a lot of people were guessing.

After April, development seemed to go dark. Every so often a new video would be released, but they would usually amount to nothing more than a short troll commercial or 15 second teaser consisting of random imagery (with the exception of test footage for an Underwater level with some humorous dialogue). It would seem Crash had been abandoned not only by his new step-father Activision, but by his godfathers as well. This would require a lot of therapy.

New Crash Design

Crash is now one with the Wumpa fruit… and his eyebrows.

Thankfully, once the new year rolled around, JB and Pat used every month to show off the steps they were taking to make this game a reality. They even went as far as to start from scratch, creating a whole new Crash model to fit the cartoony aesthetic they envisioned (even being nice enough to release the older model for those who wanted to play around with it themselves). Content came more frequently, from sped-up looks at environment building to prototype tunes for the soundtrack.

Within the last few days they have been releasing weird little teasers again, but this time hinting towards a bigger announcement to come soon. Whether this means JB and Pat have decided to go into full gear and focus only on the game… that’s not likely. But what it does mean is that this project is very much alive and worth looking out for.

If you’re interested in keeping up with the development of Crash Bandicoot: Crystal’s Wrath, just follow the crazy guys over on YouTube[WARNING: They are a bit vulgar at times. And by “at times” I mean “all the time.” They mean well though. I think.]


This has been the first part of Attack of the Fandom. If you like this series, let me know and I’ll continue it. Or I’ll continue it anyway. Either way, just know that somewhere out there, there’s a fan with a bigger nostalgia boner than you. And it has my name written all over it.

Crash Bandicoot Spirit

Oh baby.


Written by Jaxnos

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