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3 Most Underrated Music Videos on Youtube


Youtube is a vast and magical land where amazing things can cross your gaze. However the problem is that there are so many great things, that many awesome videos never get noticed. There are insanely great music videos that are simply not getting the attention they deserve, and I am here to fix that. 1.) Sidera…

Youtuber Asks for Review Copy of Game, Gets Dick Pic in Return.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 3.00.18 PM

Growing Youtuber, itsALICEduh, contacted an unnamed video game developer for a review copy of their game. What he got in return was less than desired. Mad respect goes to Alice for both standing up for himself, and allowing the company to deal with the inappropriate employee privately. It is important to keep these issues in…

Competing With Free: Selling Games in a Pirate World


It used to be that if you wanted a game, you had to buy the physical copy on disk. These days all you have to do is click a few buttons and you have it right there on your PC or Console. Purchasing the game in this process can be completely optional now. So how can…