Mari is a short and stout thing that loves video games, movies, some tv shows, and casually encounters anime and comics. She created this website because she wanted a place for people to express their passion for all things geeky.

Geek Remix Podcast Episode 12

  Yeah I’m going to get back on track with uploading these. Expect to have a bunch show up in your podcast feel real soon. I don’t even remember what we talked about. But it all needs to go up, dammit. Share this!

Web Weekly: Cool Stuff on the Web 3/16/14


Here we go! A round of of all the cool shit I stumbled across on the internet this week. Stuff that doesn’t fit into the gaming or tech news. Just fun stuff to enjoy and look at.   Capcom Style Disney Princesses  #Mike V Design has put together some really cool pixel art of the…