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Geek Remix Podcast Episode 6

Geek Remix Podcast Episode 6     The Playstation 4 is out and we got it and talk about it. Also about dragon age, mass effect, statistical bras, and much more.   Email Mari: Mari@geekremix.com   Email Stacy: Stacy@geekremix.com     Share this!

Geek Remix Podcast Episode 5

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Geek Remix Podcast episode 5 Geek Remix podcast episode 5!!! We talk about Saints Row IV, super computers, super cities, harry potter, orange is the new black, COD girly, and random stuff. Sorry this is out late, Mari is in the middle of moving. Please enjoy our wonderfully mediocre podcast. Share this!

Geek Remix Podcast Episode 4


Geek Remix Podcast Episode 4 Mari and Stacy bring another podcast out this week, having plenty of fun. We cover how we still don’t know how the Xbox One’s cloud really means long term, the Kinect is still weird, how big data helps to make your games better, James Vega’s Citadel DLC controversy, the Preacher…

Geek Remix Podcast Episode 3


Geek Remix Episode 3 Sorry about the background noise, Lalapalooza was right outside our apartment. This week we talk about Phil Fish and how indie devs are legit and large game companies need to quit. Also about some movies, and Stacy has a great book recommendation. Lastly, we cover Lightning’s new breasts. Share this!