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Does Nintendo Hate Samus Aran?

Does Nintendo hate Samus?

Well? In a way, it kinda looks like that, doesn’t it? No? Okay, hear me out: First, let’s look at Samus’s own games, the Metroid series. The first game was trail-blazing, ground-breaking, trend-setting (ever heard the term “metroidvania”?), ahead of its time in 1986, all that good stuff. However, the sequel, Metroid II: Return of…

Welcome to the New World

Mama-mia, my pepperoni meeting is-a about to-a start

Just because you like it, doesn’t mean it owes you anything.Back in 1999, something wonderfully tragic happened.  Star Wars: The Phantom Menace hit theaters and since, has become one of the biggest jokes in cinematic history.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie that was so polarizing that it is almost unanimously hated by…

Attack of the Fandom – Crash Bandicoot: Crystal’s Wrath

Crash Bandicoot: Crystal's Wrath

We’ve all had that sensation. That wistful remembrance of when we played a game, watched a movie, or ate an apple for the first time. That longing to experience it all over again as if it were brand new, or, more importantly, see its continuation into the far future. Sadly, it quite often happens that…

You’re a Good Man Johnny Gat


Games have been called a lot of things over the years. This article isn’t about all of that. Let me be crystal clear about it. This article is about a particular point of my life when I realized what exactly games meant to me. This is going to take a little context so bear with…

The Evil Within – Cinematic Lies

evil within

Is this a sick joke on PC gamers? The game looks and performs horribly. It’s just terribly given it uses the same Engine as Wolfenstein: TNO. The idTech 5 engine was designed to run at 1080p 60fps on previous generation consoles, yet they butched it to stay at 30fps. The character models looks very out…