Web Weekly: Cool Stuff on the Web 3/16/14


Here we go! A round of of all the cool shit I stumbled across on the internet this week. Stuff that doesn’t fit into the gaming or tech news. Just fun stuff to enjoy and look at.   Capcom Style Disney Princesses  #Mike V Design has put together some really cool pixel art of the…

Geek Remix Podcast Episode 9


This week on the Geek Remix Podcast Stacy and Mari talk about EA’s current video game drama, youtube’s changes and how they are effecting some game developers, and then why RPM is terrible. Shortly after we speak of how some tech in development is translating dog’s brain waves into short statements. Along with some chatter…

Saints Row IV (4) Romance Scenes.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 2.31.12 PM

All the crew members on the ship have a romance option, like the Mass Effect series. Hilarity ensues. Part 1: Keith David and Kinzie Part 2: CID and Matt Miller Part 3: Shaundi and Pierce http://youtu.be/y4DP_5RJEV8 Part 4: Asha and Ben King Part 5: Johnny Gat Share this!