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Let’s Play Saints Row IV!!!

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Stacy and Mari are at it again with Saints Row IV. It’s amazing and awesome and we can’t handle it. AND WE DON’T WANT TO MISSS AAAA THHHHAAAANNNNNNGGG!!!! Check out the videos and be prepared for more in the future. Email Stacy: Stacy@geekremix.com Email mari: mari@geekremix.com Part 1:   Part 2:   Part 3: Share…

Saints Row IV (4) Romance Scenes.

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All the crew members on the ship have a romance option, like the Mass Effect series. Hilarity ensues. Part 1: Keith David and Kinzie Part 2: CID and Matt Miller Part 3: Shaundi and Pierce http://youtu.be/y4DP_5RJEV8 Part 4: Asha and Ben King Part 5: Johnny Gat Share this!